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Omega Tau Pi Sorority, Incorporated

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Her Story

From humble beginnings to a bright future.

In 1994...

The history of Omega Tau Pi is unlike any other organizations' in the world. The organization began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with the high school setting in the late 1980s after the revival of the Greek system on Historically Black Universities and Colleges. A group of students formed a dance team that included seven young men calling themselves "Unity Phi Unity". Along with those seven young men, several young ladies aligned themselves to dance alongside "Unity Phi Unity", they were known as the "U-Girls". The "U-Girls" and "Unity Phi Unity" dedicated themselves to their studies and their talents, which they displayed throughout the Baton Rouge area.

Let there be Seven...

After performing together under the moniker of "Unity Phi Unity" the men changed their name to Upsilon Phi Upsilon Fraternity to strengthen their bonds of brotherhood as they entered the campus of Southern University. Not long after, the "U-Girls" which consisted of the following young ladies: Vonnie Trimble, Zanovia Chube, Veronica Gilkes, Sharvette Brock, Tashieka Johnson, Janell Dillon and Montrelle George, followed in their brothers' footsteps and became the sisters of Omega Tau Pi Sorority. All of the young ladies became charter members and founders of this sorority except Montrelle George, because of the age requirements on Southern University's campus.

Kayla Ford was added to the charter roster completing the list of the founding mothers of Omega Tau Pi.

The Last Seven Sayings


Vonnie Trimble



Zanovia Chube



Veronica Gilkes



Sharvette Brock-White

"Brown Sugar"


Kayla P. Ford-Lewis

"Know It All"


Narissa Jenell Redet



Taisheka Johnson