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Omega Tau Pi Sorority, Incorporated

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The Purpose of Omega Tau Pi

Service through Sisterhood

Omega Tau Pi is an organization dedicated to assisting the Brothers of Upsilon Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Incorporated to promote the love of life the founders share with one another. Social involvement, cultural growth, community leadership, motivated the founders to establish the organization.

The members of both organizations sought to find a way to become more unified in their endeavors but soon realized that by simply enhancing the ideas and principles of each member and nurturing a spirit of friendship, excellence in all aspects of life was possible and attainable. In doing this, a means of expressing talent for the expression of varying cultures was a prevelent motivator.

The Cutie Pies want to help you!!!

Volunteer opportunities...the Ladies of Omega Tau Pi are always looking for worthwhile programs to lend our helping hands. If you or your program is in need of volunteers please do not hesitate to contact Niqueta Williams at, so that she may put you in contact with a chapter in your area. Remember we are willing to help with any organizations event.

Old School Frat and Sorors at Mayfest

The Founders agreed that community service is one of the best ways to obtain social involvement that is so important to them. The Founders looked at all of these things and come to understand that a daily account for themselves would bring about the realizations of life that they so desparately needed. In a unanimous agreement they came together and created Omega Tau Pi, sisters to Upsilon Phi Upsilon, to collectively use these ideas to strive for a common vision of unity.