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Omega Tau Pi Sorority, Incorporated

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National Directory

Christie Hunter - National President

Sharma Kennison - National Vice President

Tracy Holmes - National Secretary

Sherrelle Diggs - National Treasurer/Service Coordinator

Trenisha Bonton - National Dean of Pledges

Niqueta Williams - National Director of Public Relations/Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors

For more information

Please direct all postings and correspondences to Niqueta Williams at or 318-267-5385.
Thank you Ladies!


Membership Documents

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Service Log

Workshop Registration

Please NOTE the Intake Coordinators' Workshop will be given on a yearly basis, however the Officers' Workshop will only be offered every TWO years. Additionally, ONLY undergraduates and newly initiated graduate members will be able to attend the workshop after this year's offering.Also only persons having received their certification will be allowed to hold office.
These workshops and Induction ceremony are MANDATORY
for all Spring 2007/2008 and Fall 2007 initiates. All persons to be inducted are required to dress in white.

Fees ARE payable to the National Treasurer and will also be accepted the day of from 8am - 8:45am.

The workshops are being hosted by the Epsilon Chapter of Omega Tau Pi at Louisiana Tech University, in Ruston, La.

Building location and directions will be provided upon registration.

Please register below:

Semester of Initiation
Intake Coordinator ($10)
Officers' Workshop ($10)
Both ($15)
Spring 2007 Initiatiate
Fall 2007 Initiate
Spring 2008 Initiate
Email Address
Day of Payment